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Get help with stretching, try assisted stretching today.

We all know we should be stretching but how many of us do?

Most of use hardly stretch at all, let alone regularly, but the benefits to stretching are huge.

If you’re running a marathon, conquering a Munro or walking the dog, stretching will help you do it better.

If you’re recovering from an injury, experience daily aches & pains, or want a physical or mental boost, stretching can help you feel more comfortable.

If your posture is bad, you’re wake up in pain or sitting at your desk all day is a challenge, stretching could make it life easier.

Assisted stretching can help reduce muscle and joint pain, improve posture and mobility, and reduce physical discomfort.

We often think stretching is just for athletes or sporty people, but we can all actually benefit from some regular stretching and increased mobility, now and in the years to come.

Want to try assisted stretching and see how it feels?

  • Increased range of motion and mobility
  • Reduced muscle and joint pain
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Reduced recovery time
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Improved posture
  • Reduced stress
types of


During your stretch we may stick to just one or two types of the stretches listed above or we might combine many, it really depends on your goals, current flexibility and bodies response to different types of stretches.

what happens

The Process

The process

If this is your first appointment, you’ll be emailed a new client intake form to complete online once you’ve booked your appointment. If you’re an existing massage client you’ll get to skip this step.

When you come in for your appointment please bring or wear clothes that are comfortable and unrestrictive. Gym, yoga or sports clothes such as Leggings, Shorts, Joggers and Yoga top, sports top or T-shirt are perfect.

Please also bring a fresh pair of socks with you too 😊

We’ll have a quick chat about what you’re looking to get out of stretching and if you have any particular areas you would like to focus on or are struggling with at the moment.

If needed, I’ll give you a few minutes to change into your stretch clothes.

Then it’s time to Get Stretched.

On the table

Sessions start with a few minutes of the massage gun or some rocking and compressions to warm the muscles up.

We’ll then run through a quick, full body warm up stretch to get everything moving.

Then it’s time for the main event, a full body stretch and, if needed, a focus on your problem areas.

Unlike massage, assisted stretching is an active therapy. You’ll be moving around the table into different positions for different stretches, we also might do some seated stretches too.

Assisted stretching can sometimes feel challenging but it shouldn’t be painful. Pain triggers contraction which is the opposite of what we want.

I’ll talk you through all the stretches as we go through them, your feedback is important throughout.

If, at any time, the stretch feels too intense or you’re experiencing any pain or discomfort please let me know straight away.

get stretched


The One-Off Stretch

The perfect introduction to assisted stretching and great if you just want to book a stretch when you’re feeling tight or restricted.

60 minute session

£60 (pay as you go)

what clients say


One side felt completely different from the other! I feel a million times better for the work Trevor has done.

I always arrive in pain but leave feeling like I’m floating.

I’ve always had difficulty stretching my back. It’s always been tight but it feels great now, not like my own back at all.

trevor chisman

Your Therapist

Hi, I’m Trevor

I’m an assisted stretch and massage therapist in Glasgow, Scotland.

I believe stretching regularly is one of the easiest and best ways to feel better in your body.

Regular stretching helps to improve our Proprioception (sense of position in space), Co-Ordination, Motor Control and of course, Range of Movement.


  • Assisted Stretching: Andrea Molin, head stretchologist & trainer at StretchLab, London.
  • Sustainable Yoga: 200hr teacher training with Brea Johnson, Heart and Bones Yoga.
Trevor Chisman - Assisted Stretching Therapist in Glasgow Scotland.

Does it hurt?

Assisted stretching shouldn’t hurt but it may sometimes feel a little uncomfortable or challenging.

Pain triggers our bodies into defensive mode, this includes muscle contraction, the absolute opposite of what we want when we’re stretching.

That old saying “No Pain, No Gain” really doesn’t apply when it comes to assisted stretching or any form of stretching for that matter.

Saying that, assisted stretching might not always be comfortable.

It’s quite normal to experience moments that are breathe-taking or a little challenging during a session.

But with that said, our goal is for your stretch session to feel pleasant, enjoyable and relaxing at all times.

This is the 1 to 10 stretch scale I use:

  1. Can’t feel anything
  2. Maybe feel something
  3. definately feel something
  4. This feels easy
  5. That’s a really nice stretch
  6. Oh, that feels amazing
  7. Wow, that’s a little intense
  8. OMG, I think that’s too much
  9. I think my muscle is about to explode
  10. Holy shit, Nooooooooooo 😫

We are generally aiming for between 5 and 7 on this scale, if we’re hitting higher than that, let me know!

more faqs


Assisted stretch is performed clothed.

Please bring or wear comfortable clothing that allows full unrestricted movement.

I recommend, gym, workout, yoga or sports clothing as they usually provide unrestricted movement.

A stretch session is 60 minutes long and roughly 50 minutes of that is dedicated to stretching.

A one-off stretch session is £60.

I offer two different options for on-going stretch sessions.

The 6 Pack is a package of 6 stretch sessions that you can use as and when needed within a 12 month period for £330.

The Monthly Stretch is a monthly subscription that give you a stretch session every month at £52 per month.

Assisted stretching has many benefits including:

Increased range of movement, reduced muscle and joint pain, improved athletic performance and recovery, reduced injury risk, improved posture and reduced stress.

Assisted stretching can be a helpful therapy for many people.

However it isn’t appropriate for anyone with an acute undiagnosed injury, fracture or broken bones, open wounds, recent surgery or who are sick, ill or unwell.

Although stretching can help all ages, I only work with clients between the ages of 18 and 65.

If you are fit and healthy then their is no reason to book a stretch session.

If however, you have an acute undiagnosed injury, fracture, open wound, recent surgery or are sick, ill or unwell then you should wait until these no longer apply.

Please note, I don’t work with children, young adults or the elderly. All clients must be between 18 and 65 yrs old.

Stretching shouldn’t be painful so if it is, you need to tell me.

I will be constantly checking in with you about how you’re feeling during the stretches but it’s important for you to tell me when a stretch feels too intense.

I use an scale of 1-10 with 1 being equivalent to feeling nothing and 10 being unbearable. We are usually aiming for somewhere between 5 or 7 on that scale.

If at any time you feel a stretch is too intense for you, let me know straight away so I can adjust the stretch to make it more comfortable and effective.

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